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Looking to gain experience in the world of SEO and digital marketing? Work with some of the best in the business and learn from Deepak himself!


Join a global and diverse community of problem solvers and innovators. The Pearl Lemon Internship Programme is designed to give interns important assignments and a real taste of what it’s like to work for a leading digital marketing agency and to learn all things you can’t from a book or a classroom.

After your time with us, you’ll walk away with meaningful skills, professional work experience, and a wealth of respected industry colleagues who become important connections in your professional network.

Become part of a leading Digital Marketing
and Sales Agency

We attract nothing but the best talent that the world has to offer. Hardworking, brilliant, and serious about making an impact for our clients, our interns, both past and present, give their thoughts on working with us. Some have even joined our full-time staff!


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hear what our interns have to say

  • “I’ve learned more in my first month practically than 4.5 years of education.”


    SEO Project Manager
  • “If I had the money I think I should pay for the opportunity to learn so much.”


    Business Systems Analysis and Design Graduate
  • “The best thing for me was to feel that I can actually influence the course of the company!”


    Economics Graduate
  • “I’m getting the chance to use my skills and share my opinions with every aspect of the company, its a positive feeling!”


    Creative Writing Graduate
  • “This internship has been a breath of fresh air.”


    English Literature and Creative Writing Graduate

Benefits of being a Pearl Lemon intern

Experience working with an international team

Work with a diverse team located across the USA, UK, India, Israel, Spain, Egypt
and more.

Build your practical
SEO knowledge

Learn about cold emailing, cold calling, conversion rate optimisation, lead generation and more.

leadership skills

Manage clients, lead meetings and deliver presentations

Remote work experience

No 9 to 5, work the hours, days, at anytime you want.

Become more productive

Develop professional and life skills like communication, web editing, graphic design, teamwork, auditing techniques, better use of Google applications, and more

Experience working
with a start-up

As a start-up, Pearl Lemon offers a level of intensity with a learning curve to match that is hard to find in any other
type of business.

Experience with
cutting edge tools

Learn to use valuable tools like Loom, Keywords Everywhere, Screencast-o-matic, Monosnap, Canva, Paperform and more.

Being a part of
something bigger

Have an opportunity to constantly learn and train under a highly experienced team



Deepak Shukla and the Pearl Lemon team are the most unique company I've ever worked with. These people know exactly what to do and their strategies are on point. I've never worked with such a proactive team before and the experience was just so energizing. I hope to one day partner with them on long term projects for my business because I've been able to accomplish so much with them in such a short space of time. The level of productivity is unbelievable.

Dannielle Bardowell

via Trustpilot

I interned for a short span of time at Pearl Lemon and Deepak was a fabulous mentor who guided me all along the way, simultaneously respecting my time priorities and freedom to get the tasks done. I got to work on things from YouTube SEO, Content Writing, Slideshare strategy, Instagram timeline strategy and much more. Deepak has a knack of giving direct feedback that are on point and he taps on the metrics which can be capitalized to give the organization an edge. I have seen his interactions with his clients and it is just amazing that how much he makes himself available for his clients which is admirable. His quality of staying professional, quick and directly involved makes things so much easier and effective. 100% recommended.

73x73 (3)
Aman Kureel

via Trustpilot

I’ve been working as an intern for Pearl Lemon and since the beginning April 2018 - I’ve been learning a lot about chrome plugins, mac applications and video based communication, focusing especially on tools that improve productivity. I am sure that the positive results from this experience will help me a lot in the future.

I definitely recommend working with and for Pearl Lemon!

73x73 (4)
Federica Gianoglio

via Trustpilot

I have been working at Pearl Lemon full-time for less than a year

Engaging, modern, relatable leadership that always finds time for good communication with the entire team. The modern structure allows for easy collaboration and truly is a breading ground of resources and tools to learn from and about. Their desire to achieve and execute concrete ideas is contagious and has rubbed off on me in a very positive way. Work life balance and ability to work remote.

I have not yet found any cons.

73x73 (3)
Project Manager in Washington, DC

via Glassdoor

Our Divisions

Pearl Lemon SEO

SEO started it all for the Pearl Lemon Group. With years of experience in the field himself Deepak Shukla then assembled a team of seasoned experts who came together to create a company that by 2018 saw the likes of Clutch, Design Rush and Agency Spotter all rank Pearl Lemon SEO amongst the best SEO agencies in the UK.

Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads is a dynamic lead generation agency that makes use of both time tested lead generation strategies like cold email, cold calling and appointment setting and new tactics like LinkedIn lead generation and podcast and webinar outreach. The Pearl Lemon Leads team go above and beyond to deliver results for our clients and they can do the same for you.

Pearl Lemon Convert

Making use of the latest data and analytics technologies, along with a wealth of digital marketing experience the team at Pearl Lemon Convert offer customer journey optimization and conversion optimization services and strategies that drive sustained sales growth and consistent customer satisfaction.

Pearl Lemon Sales

Pearl Lemon Sales builds successful sales programs, from initial strategy through to complete implementation that boost sales for clients fast. For those with an in house sales department already Pearl Lemon Sales also offers expert sales training.


SERPWizz is the Pearl Lemon Group’s third foray into Saas. It is an onpage SEO audit tool with a white label feature that allows agency owners to embed the tool onto their website.


ResumeCats is a newly-launched/soon-to-be launched SaaS tool that helps designers create professional resumes in a matter of minutes. Co-operating with a design team over at, this is Pearl Lemon’s venture into the world of better CV creators that provide their users with everything they need to get their next purrfect job.😺


Plant Sumo is a bold venture into the world of meal prep delivery companies. It is specifically focused on vegan and plant-based meals to save the planet, improve your health, and save you time, while not sacrificing your passion for food.



For sure. 6 months is plenty of time to learn a great deal with full-stack marketing and SEO. Pearl Lemon prides itself in a “trial by fire” approach, so there is exponential learning that continues through the entirety of the programme.

It very well can. We like to be sure that you can support yourself as an intern, but renewing an internship allows for additional experience to be gained, bump up to leadership roles, and have the potential to come on board as a core team member. It all depends how much you want to continue to learn.

Being with a start-up long term is an intense, fun, and unique experience. There is a dynamic and level of learning hard to meet in any other environment. Being fully remote and watching a buisness change, grow, and evolve rather quickly is something hard to observe in most other places.

Definitely! You can manage 100% of your time and have the possibility to attend school, courses, have other jobs, and so on as long as you can guarantee at least 20 hours of work per week.

As soon as you join Pearl Lemon, you will have access to courses both general that all interns go through and specific to your job role. After that, you will learn a lot in the field.

After the 6-month internship program, there are three possible outcomes:
1) you will have recommendations, reference, and new skills;
2) your internship is renewed;
3) you are offered a full-time position.

All our interns are based all over the world, therefore paying in USD makes the pay equal to everyone.

Sure! The Pearl Lemon brand includes a great variety of businesses which allows all interns to be involved in many different tasks. You will learn every day and we are happy to have you work on different projects if you wish.

Never. During your internship program, you will always be able to decide when to work during the day (or night!). We only require you to reply to messages between 9 am and 6 pm of your timezone.

When you first start working at Pearl Lemon, you will be introduced to a person in the team who will explain to you what to work on and how. Once you join the official team, anyone can help you with resources we already have stored or we’ll create new ones for you.

You’ll need access to either a PC or a laptop with a fairly decent graphics card and storage, as well as a smartphone. G-suite is used for all aspects of work, so you also need a reliable internet connection and phone data plan. Webcam, headphones and mic are also essential. Our meetings are exclusively digital and you’ll want to ensure your teammates can hear you!

You will primarily be taught how to use new tools and software by other higher ups,Deepak and other interns. One of the primary tools we use for tutorials is Loom, an online video recording tool that has the feature of sharing your screen, so you will be asked to download and get to grips with it early on in the trial. Written tutorials and manuals also exist that you will be redirected to both during the initial trial process and when you start as part of the team. If unsure about how to proceed with new software or tools just ask- someone will be able to redirect you to the information you need.


This is entirely based on personal preference, luckily with Pearl Lemon there is a range of topics to choose from but most internal blogs will revolve around marketing, sales and property. Depending on the clients, you may find yourself writing up on some unusual products to sell.

We recommend having a basic understanding of SEO, lead generation, property investing, conversion and sales will be really useful. Go through the Pearl Lemon sites to get an idea of what each part of the company does. And also look into link building strategies to get backlinks to content.

Be prepared to learn alot of new information and put in alot of hours. Figure out the best structure to your own day and be sure to factor in breaks from your screen.
A genuine love for writing is of course necessary, working fast and the ability to focus.
Be prepared for everything out in the open, getting constructive criticism from team mates.

Yes, aim for 10k words per week.

It is 10k words accumulated across all forms of content and blogs across all of the websites.

If they fall within the larger categories of the different Pearl Lemon websites then yes, you can be creative with your topics! You can find new takes and angles on old topics or come up with new ones. You can also be creative with your formatting, voice, tone, add jokes, etc. Guest and client posts offer opportunities to write about topics outside of Pearl Lemons’s main sites as well. And Dee is always expanding the brand, so you never know exactly what you could be writing about!

For all internal blog posts, yes. Definitely use images. There is no limit or minimum, but spread them out at least every couple hundred words so they break up the text to make it more easily digested. Look through the content on our sites to get an idea of how many images we use per post and how we spread them out.

Everyone works differently, so find what works best for you! As long as you’re putting in 20 hours a week or more and hitting your content goals and deadlines, you can choose how you want to spread out your work.

Internal blog posts- consists of 1.5k+ words. Usually about specific topics within the general area of whatever website it is for. For ex: Inbound Lead Generation Strategies for Pearl Lemon Leads
Ultimate Guides- 5k+ word guides that cover everything on a given subject. For ex: The Ultimate Guide On Optimizing Shopify for Pearl Lemon
Client posts- 800-1000 word blogs that are written for other website’s blogs. It is from their perspective, about their website or business, and is to help with their SEO.
Guest Posts- 500-600 word posts for other websites about a topic where we can include a link back to our website. For example, you could write a blog about outsourcing SEO agencies, and mention how Pearl Lemon is a great outsourced SEO agency.
FAQs- Frequently asked questions. Pretty much what you are reading right now
Copy for internal websites- The writing you see on the website’s different pages.


If you have prior experience, that’s great! However, it is not critical. We expect you to have basic understanding of digital marketing and a drive to learn.

You are given an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in campaign management, data analytics, lead generation, and so much more! Share your passion/interest and you will be assigned work accordingly or on an as needed basis.

Passion for marketing, strong work ethic and an ability to learn extremely fast! Especially if you haven’t got much prior experience, these are the qualities that will ensure your success in this role.

Not necessarily. There are many different areas to Pearl Lemon that you might wish to be working in. You could be doing work for Pearl Lemon Leads, Pearl Lemon Sales or even Pearl Lemon Convert.

Pearl Lemon is a digital marketing agency so that is what Pearl Lemon does best! You will have the oppurtunity to dive deep into the world of marketing and gain incredible skills and experience.


As a designer with Pearl Lemon, you will learn enhance skills within WordPress, Shopify, and some HTML and CSS coding.

Yes! Our team will be glad to give you feedback on your designs and wireframes, allowing you to perfect your craft.

Ideally, we would like designers to have some experience in HTML/CSS and WordPress, as well as any background in Photoshop and Illustrator.


Not necessarily. You will learn most of the processes from your co-workers. You will realise our hiring process is very innovative.

Being a people person, precise, and with sense of initiative will help you in this role. You also must be the type of person that is continually and always willing to learn.

One of the tasks that will always be fundamental in HR is preparing and sending documents to interns to fill in and sign. After this, you will have to make sure everything is correct and stored in the right place.

No, you will be involved in the recruitment side of Pearl Lemon and therefore manage applicants and potential interns.
In addition, you will take care of the correspondence with external companies that may offer services and potential partnership.

All our trainings are built in Archbee. We have general training that all interns go through as well as training specific to job roles.
In these courses, you’ll find both written and video explanations.
Videos are firstly recorded with or Whenever we record something as part of our training, we upload it to an unlisted channel on YouTube.

Other resources – which you can usually find as embedded links in our Archbee courses – could be Google Documents and Google Sheet as we do everything in GSuite.

In a remote team, it’s easier and quicker to record videos of our screens to explain how we are working on a task or to teach how to do something specific. We often ask interns to show us what they are doing and how while recording their screens. To do this we use These loom videos are straightforward to use and share and give the possibility to leave comments directly under the video.

While it may seem daunting at first – you are given an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in campaign management, data analytics, lead generation, and so much more! Share your passion/interest and you will be assigned work accordingly or on an as needed basis.


No! There is no need to have any direct experience with lead generation at the time of application. All that is needed is an aptitude for digital relationships, a tenacity for learning, and an interest in learning to build client relationships, marketing funnels, and LinkedIn campaigns. ,

To be successful in this role, you must have an unbeatable work ethic, an ability to learn and take feedback gracefully, and an aptitude for connecting with people through a digital medium! Specific skills can be taught, but attitude is everything! 🙂

Typical tasks that you may perform as a LinkedIn lead generation specialist are optimizing LinkedIn profiles, setting up Sales Navigator campaigns, orchestrating back end connections through Zapier, Content Studio, Google Sheets, Etc., and communicating with clients, leads, and the internal team.

You may be running campaigns for internal purposes, like generating more clients, or external purposes, like generating leads for a client’s business.

At Pearl Lemon, the environment is very collaborative. You will be introduced to the other people in your role and they will be more than happy to help guide you. There are unlimited resources in the form of videos, articles, and more to guide you on this journey.

Getting involved with LinkedIn lead generation is great if you are looking to work with clients as well as internally. You will have the opportunity to hone your CRM skills, as well as your technical skills. You will have a wide range of different tasks to do everyday, so it’s an exciting position if you like to be challenged!

No worries! At Pearl Lemon, we value your voice and want to help you grow in areas that are important to you! If lead generation doesn’t work out for you, we have many other departments that may hold the perfect opportunity instead 🙂